Can Islam Solve The Race Problem?

Muslim face unique challenges in the realities of life in America. As a diverse and growing population with different ethnic and racial identities; with various social, political, and economic conditions, the facts of ‘race’ can not be ignored. How do we as Muslims navigate the unique contours of American social, political, and racial divides within our community? How do we apply the Quranic mandates where Allah says He created us different ‘tribes and nations so that we may know one another’ (Surah: 46:13)


To address these issues, the Lamppost Education Initiative is pleased to present a special three-day ‘town-hall’ discussion-“Can Islam Solve the Race Problem?” A panel of Muslim American scholars will engage in dialogue with the expressed purpose of how we can build and develop better relationships among Muslim communities in America. There is no better place for this seminar than Detroit, Michigan. The Muslim population of Detroit and the surrounding area is like a microcosm of Muslims throughout America, with a rich and diverse community of Arab, Pakistani, Somalian, and Black American Muslims.
The seminars feature Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali,  Sr. Asha Noor,Imam Dawud Walid,  Sr. Leenah Safi,  and  Shaykh Walead Mosaad


Times and Locations
1. Friday, October 19th, 2018-7pm-9pm at the Muslim Community Mosque- 35700 W 12 Mile Rd Farmington Hills, Michigan 48331
2. Saturday, October 20th, 2018-3pm-5pm at the Muslim Center-1605 W. Davison Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48238
3. Sunday, October 21th, 2018 11am-1pm at the Muslim Center of the Western Suburbs of Detroit 40440 Palmer Road Canton, Michigan 48188
The Admission to these Town-Hall Meetings is FREE
Three Days-Three Locations-Important Conversations with Scholars, Activists, and YOU. This upcoming weekend in Detroit, MI
Can Islam Solve The Race Problem?