Eid Mubarak! Fairwell to the Blessed Ramadan-Shaykh Abdur-Rahman Ahmed

As we come to the end of the Blessed Month of Ramadan, Lamppost Productions presents Shaykh Abdur-Rahman Ahmed of Trenton NJ. Shaykh Abdur-Rahman is another American Hafiz of the Qur’an who studied in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. He also studied Hanafi Fiqh, Tafsir ul-Qur’an, and other Islamic sciences. He currently serves as the Imam of Masjid As-Saffat in Trenton, NJ.

Shaykh Abdur Rahman provides a inspiring talk and du’a asking Allah ta’ala to enrich us by the Blessed Month of Ramadan and to gain its benefits and rewards!

‘Shaykh Abdur-Rahman Ahmed Lecture and Du’a