Hijab al-Mar’ah-Dr Khalid Yahya Blankinship

While it is clearly desirable for Muslims to apply the sharî‘ah or Islamic law as completely as possible, some provisions in the law require more immediate application than others. These include the laws of purity (tahârah) to ensure the validity of one’s salat as well as the rules of the salat itself. One of the requirements of salat for both men and women is modest dress, which is also vitally important because how one dresses is immediately visible to the public and therefore reflects on the Muslim community, including how Muslims are viewed from the outside as well as how they view themselves from within. If a people are to respect themselves, they should wear respectable dress. Women’s dress in particular is important in this regard, because of the importance of women in society, because of the onslaught against Muslim women’s dress by some of the public media, and because of the way materialistic society tries to lure the citizen victims away from modesty and uprightness by urging them to wear provocative and demeaning clothing….

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