Imam Hussain (ra)-A Historical Perspective-Dr Khalid Yahya Blankinship


The events of Karbala and the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (ra) the grandson of the Prophet (saws) has been the subject of much debate in the Sunni-Shi’ah conflict. This debate has raged on for centuries amongst Muslims and still serves as the basis of much division and acrimony. How can we historical contextualize these events? How are we to understand the conflicts amongst the companions of the Prophet (saws) after his passing.

In this exclusive session with the Lamppost Education Initiative, Dr Khalid Yahya Blankinship a noted Islamic historian and Professor at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa provides a fascinating and historical examination of the events of Karbala, the conflicts between Uthman (ra) and Ali (ra), the lineage of the Prophet (saws), and much more!