Our American Muslim Identity-Ustadh Hisham Mahmoud

“Every ‘ism’ is a prism of a mind in prison and every identity based on an ‘ism’ is temporal and will avail nothing when the angels ask-“who is your Lord”?, “what is your religion”? and “who is your prophet”?- Ustadh Hisham Mahmoud

Ustadh Hisham Mahmoud provides some thought-provoking insights on race, identity, and Muslims in America.

hisham3Hisham Mahmoud has studied theology, hadith, legal theory, jurisprudence, ethics, Qur’an recitation, and Arabic with scholars in Morocco, Mauritania, and Egypt. He co-authored a forthcoming work entitled, “A Portrait of the Prophet,” as a translation of one of the most important commentaries on the personal qualities of the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم. He has lectured internationally on the Islamic sciences and on world religions, and continues to read with scholars and students in the United States. He has taught for more than a decade at Yale, Princeton, and Harvard Universities, then left the Academy to institute his own national initiative, Lanturna, a non-profit, educational institution that intends through its various projects to establish learning collectives to enhance personal practice and enrich community life

2018 Black American Muslim Conference