Tafsir of Surah Ya-Sin with Imam Fode Drame


Anas ibn Malik narrates that the Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) said, “Everything has a heart and the heart of the Qur’an is Yasin. So, whoever recites Yasin, Allah will inscribe for him the reward of reciting the Qur’an ten times.”

The Lamppost Education Initiative and Masjid Muhammad of Atlantic City was honored to host this special program with Imam Fode Drame of the Zawiyah Foundation. Imam Fode explored the deep virtues and meanings of Surah Ya-Sin…the surah often referred to as the ‘heart of the Qur’an.
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There was a technical problem of an audio drag in a portion of Part 2 of the video. We are still working on that problem, so in this portion, you will simply see still photos of Imam Fode. We will also make this available as an MP3 audio within the next week.

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Introduction to Tafsir-Part 1:

Tafsir of Surah Yasin-Part 2:

Tafsir of Surah Ya-Sin- Part 3

Tafsir of Surah Ya-Sin Part 4

Tafsir of Surah Ya-Sin Part 5

Bio of Imam Fode Drame

Imam Fode Drame was born in the Senegambia region of West Africa. He descends from the clan of Jakhanke whose unique expression of Islam dates back over 1,100 years; when Drame’s people first accepted Islam and became the primary teachers, healers and religious leaders for the entire region.

By the age of 5, Imam Drame had begun his formal studies, which included not only putting to memory the entirety of The Qur’an but also detailed study of Arabic grammar and poetry, Quranic exegesis, the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (saws), and most notably, the knowledge and practice of spiritual excellence, otherwise known as Sufism. In addition, Imam Drame is gifted in languages; before leaving his native Gambia for Quebec to pursue a BA in linguistics at University of Quebec, Imam Fode had already taught himself French, German, Greek, Hebrew, and Latin.

Since arriving in Canada in the 1990s, Imam Fode Drame has continued in the tradition of the Jakhanke imams, by serving as a community leader and scholar of Islam (commonly termed ‘Imam’), however he has also been an extraordinary teacher of Quranic exegesis, a guide for spiritual development or ‘tasawwuf’, and a healer to all those who seek his support. He has authored a series of writings in both Arabic and English (called Expansions) of which he has currently published five volumes, and also an unique translation of the Quran into English, called Anwar ul-Quran.

Imam Fode currently resides in Vancouver, Canada where he is active in Islamic activities. He is the founder of the Zawiyah Foundation a registered charitable organization in Canada.
Bio taken from www.zawiyah.ca