The African-American Islamic Summit-2014

Praise be to Allah! The African-American Islamic Summit held in Atlantic City was a huge success. This event was organized by the Al-Qawm Institute and co-sponsored by the Lamppost Education Initative (Lamppost). This event serves as an example of what Lamppost endeavors to do in our community. We are seeking to support Islamic organizations and masjids  working in your community to  conduct meaningful workshops, relevant lectures, and live classes with high quality scholars from across America.

Please support Lamppost in our efforts to conduct these live, free, and low-cost seminars in our needy Muslim communities with scholars like Shaykh Abdullah bin Hamid Ali, Dr Khalid Yahya Blankinship, Imam Zaid Shakir, Dr Sherman Abdul-Hakim Jackson, Shaykh Muhammad Adeyinka Mendes, and many others. If you a member of a masjid or organization who would be interested in hosting a Lamppost event? Please please email us at

Imam Dawud Walid on Supporting Lamppost!


Imam Siraj Wahhaj on Supporting Lamppost!

Please take a look at some highlights from the event. More videos from this successful event are coming soon!