The Maliki Argument for not Clasping the Hands in Salat (Part 2)


By Abdullah bin Hamid Ali
In the name of Allah, All-Compassionate, All-Merciful The debate endures in spite of more and more evidence being revealed about the permissibility of praying with the hands at the sides as did Imam Malik b. Anas and the exponents of his school. Few still insist that Imam Malik only prayed that way due to being tortured at the behests of the Abbasid caliph; torture that led to his arms being pulled out of their sockets.

(1) They still insist on such a notion in spite of the explicit statement of Malik that he disliked for a person to prayer any of the 5 compulsory prayers while folding one arm or hand over the other. Part 1 of this article can be found here

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